Tuesday, October 21, 2008

meet the bitch

The names meril. Confirmed hard core super bitch!!!
Me as i know... was hard figurin out so much..


most of the time i'm confused about a whole lotta stuff..
and when i'm not, i'd think that i'm the world's smartest... but then some idiot has to come my way and confuse me all the more!!
in the end... I'm alwaiz confused..
hey,, that does not mean that i'm stupid, just that i'm confused!!
And, i have this remarkable ability to confuse people around me too!!
so, its kinda "confyoosing" to have me around..


i can be the like the text book definition of a sweet cutie girl. fun to be with.
happy go lucky, i do smile a loot (kinda nasty smile dho
i laaav playing pranks, and getting ppl into trouble , kinda derive joy outta it.. , laav trying out weird stuff , whateva it maybe..
i like runnin around doing something, making myself useful is the last thing i'd do..


for relationships that have survived the 1st 2 parts of my ever changing character, the third one is tuf..
it cud be equivalent to purgatory., cuz i happen to be the real mean mean mean girl who can kill u wid my tongue lashings...
the "gloomy" days are another story, cuz i can be soo gloomy and depressed that''ll break your nerves.. and i'm a branded "angry girl". . very demanding and possessive.

There are very few hu've survived ,a nd are still hanging on..


thecripplerr said...

is this for real????

thecripplerr said...

any more parts coming up??

meril said...

part IV in the making siro.
and the above stated stuff are true to the best of my knowledge.

മൃദുല്‍....|| MRIDUL said...

ninakku vatta !!!!! u r totally out of mind !!!

meril said...


ANITH said...

appreciations!!! u courageous cutie (kidding) bud......sorry i think ive been flattering a lot nowadays.....
anyways waiting for d latest sequel of urs........

meril said...